Friday, December 17, 2010

Inception - Kadam

This post marks an inception of the very idea KADAM .  We all come here to share our experiences and our views, thoughts philosophy and other things around us. The world as we see has shortened in size by the advent of internet, blogging and now social networking ...I was born in a small town near Indore. I have been living with my joint family since then. The most part of my life was spent listening to stories my parents had to share about their childhood experiences . They used to live in a very small house down town and everybody in the village used to share everything almost everybody knew who is who's child, and there were no worries about them eating at uncle's place or being scolded by them for doing the wrong thing. I grew up to dreams of such a society  but to my surprise it was not so ...Everyday we all are seeing somebody being raped or somebody being killed ... I am really feeling sad about the society that we currently live in ...My mother always preaches when ever you feel sad don't be sad but rather do something about it. I tried creating a society among NGO to being accessible by a lot of didn't worked out..later I realized I wasn't looking deep enough, I wasn't DIVING DEEP.
May be addressing NGOs was never a problem the issue was the society we live in. issue was the living culture the advent of the technology we have distanced ourselves from our very own society we don't know our neighbor's names.. we have forgotten a lot of people whom we once cared. We blame..... life is so hard we barely get time for do you expect us to take out time for others ....Bloody!! issue is this have centered yourself to you. if you would have thought of society as one you might not have to do somethings you don't love..may be sharma ji could have bought the groceries for you and you might have depositeed his electricity bills ( in Indore its still being deposited at the counter ) . Now I started this blog to document the idea KADAM - Lets take a step together .. and put a first aid to this wounded society . Lets all take a step together and create movements for the only cause and initiative of bringing the society a step closer to each other ...Please share your views as to how we can implement this idea using whatever you have  been blessed with

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  1. Vatsal
    My love to you
    Now this is my task

  2. Vatsal, good initiative. Really the life in the society is lost. Its good u made us at least think on this. shall surely contribute, when something clicks.


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